About us

We always listen to your body and mind and let our work talk.

We are a team of dedicated professionals who live to promote healthy living, fitness and life-long success. We travel, learn, train and get trained and develop our body and mind in order to be ready for the accomplishment of your own goals. We are serious at what we do and we leave no chances of error. We listen to your needs and apply knowledge and science in a customized and personalized way to bring happiness, health and success in your life.


Welcome to The Holistic Revolution

A few words from the founder of AZ Holistic Sport clinic:

In an era where the only constant is change we try in our own special way to find the ideal happiness. But how can we live happiness if we can’t be ourselves, if we feel insecure, lack confidence and feel terrible with our looks? If you can relate yourself with one of those terrible emotions then you just realized that something goes wrong, you desperately need change and you don’t know how to get it.

Real change comes inside-out. This is my commitment. My life-long promise to all the people who knock our door every day asking for Change. You can bring change and you can live healthy and happy. It does’t matter if you are young or old, suffer from obesity or chronic disease, are a professional athlete or never trained before in your life.  As long as we are next to you, you can be sure that you will accomplish your higher potential.

A2Z Holistic Sport Clinic is not just a Gym. It is the place to change your life

What we do

Our key that brings you closer to the best version of yourself


Fully equipped with the latest technology in the field of fitness.

HOIST, WOODWAY, MATRIX, TANITA body analysis systems

Physiology & Kinesiology

Based on your needs our team of experts will take care of your health and show you the right moves for a healthier body.


We are proud for our scientific personnel. That is why every single of our personal trainers is chronic disease practitioner certified and our physiotherapists are always there to take to support.


Our core value for your success is how you actually feel. That is why we invest time and effort to know everything about you. Feeling that you have more to say? Our expert psychologist will take care of your deepest anxieties and frustrations.


Our nutrition system is based in one simple equation. Science plus your needs and your preferences. You will never receive from us a magic pill or a fast track loose it formula. What we do is based on your body analysis, and the needs of your body. That is why we have the ability to serve diabetics, people with hormonal problems or chronic deciases but also professional athletes. Our team of nutritionists and clinical nutritionist will find the best solution for you.

Personal Training

The are not actually trainers. They are the people who will devote to your goal.They are passionate, persistent and determined for success. They are professionals and know their field very well. Wether you need to loose fat, build a healthy body or reach your limits our team of experts will find the way. As long as you believe in the science behind of every move we are going to teach you.


Numbers talk
  • Lives changed 640
  • Pending Metamorphosis projects 550
  • Facebook friends 15000
  • Smoothies served 1500

Our Team

We are dedicated and strive for your own success

Andreas Zachariou

Founder, Director

Zoe Panayi

Dietitian & Psychologist

Kosmas Kosma


Andreas Kyriakou


Kyriakos Chrysostomou


Georgios Georgiou


Valentinos Perikou


Panagiotis Michael


Demetris Andreou


Andreas Andreou


Tonia Petrou


Antonis Evangelou


Andreas Michael


Demetris Demetriou


Elena Solomou

Clinical Dietitian

Christodoulos Krineos


Sotia Therapou


Kostas Pieridis



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Eleftherias Avenue 84

TEL: 7000 3400

FAX: 22-620261